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Stan's No Tubes

Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape: 25mm x 10 yard roll

Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape: 25mm x 10 yard roll

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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Rim Tape: 25mm x 10 yard roll

Thin yellow tape that creates an air tight seal for tubeless applications and can also be used as standard rim tape.

  • Creates durable, airtight seal over spoke holes
  • Completely non-porous vapor barrier seals rim interior from moisture
  • Natural gum rubber adhesive sticks where and when you want it to but leaves no residue
  • Low friction surface helps tire beads slip into placeThin, lightweight tape is designed to provide and airtight seal for tubeless setups
  • Suitable for use as rim tape in non tubeless application
  • Rim Strip Width (mm): 25
  • Stan's 25mm Rim Tape is recommended for rims with an internal width of 23-25mm
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