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IceTrack Hiking and Mountaineering Crampons

IceTrack Hiking and Mountaineering Crampons

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Veriga IceTrack Hiking and Mountaineering Crampons

These super-elastic IceTrack crampons feature a quality twist link stainless steel chain on the sole and high quality heat treated steel points for an efficient grip. Simply put them over your footwear and tighten them with the velcro strap. The crampons are both discreet and comfortable. Storing is easy thanks to a convenient carrying case with a belt attachment. IceTrack crampons are designed for snowy and icy terrain, as well as for lawn mowing on steep terrain, logging, fishing, and hunting.


  • 9-point, noble heat treated steel points
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Velcro strap keeps crampons firmly in place on your shoe
  • Carrying case is equipped with a carabiner and a belt attachment
  • Sizes: S (1 - 3.5) M (4 - 6.5) L (7 - 10) XL (11 - 13)
  • Made in Slovenia
*These crampons are not suitable for extreme mountaineering
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