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Teravail Thorn Resistant Tube, (20-Inch, 35mm Schrader Valve)

Teravail Thorn Resistant Tube, (20-Inch, 35mm Schrader Valve)

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Teravail Thorn Resistant 20-Inch Bicycle Tube, 35mm Schrader Valve

Whether you're in need of a new, replacement inner tube for your bike tire, or want a spare just in case, look no further than the Teravail Thorn Resistant Tube. The thorn resistant tube has a 4mm tread wall thickness with 2mm in the rim area, making it more resistant to punctures and pinches.

  • Low Lead Valve
  • 4mm wall thickness in the tread area and 2mm in the rim area
  • ISO Diameter: 406 / 20" BMX
  • Tube Compound: Butyl
  • Valve: Standard Schrader
  • Valve Core: Removable
  • Valve Shaft: Smooth
  • Weight: 450g (1.5 – 1.75), 475g (1.75 – 2.125)
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