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Tannus Armour Insert

Tannus Armour Insert

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Protect your bicycle inner tube from thorns, nails, the dreaded goathead and more with the Tannus Armour inserts. With an insert for nearly every tire imaginable, you can have piece of mind when riding your bike, whether on or off-road. Tannus Armour protects your tube against 90% of common bike flats using 15mm of multi-cell foam. Say goodbye to pinch and puncture flats.  Tannus Armour is an insert that wraps around your tube inside of your bicycle tire. Installation is a simple additional step when installing your bicycle's tube.

  • 15mm thickness protection on top
  • 5mm sidewall thickness
  • The Perfect Solution For All Riders
  • Optimized for E-Bikes
  • Run flat technology*
  • Easier Installation

*Run flat not available on fat tire sizes

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